Your Foolproof Guide to Preventing Bad Breath

Preventing Bad Breath, Richard Hardt, DDS, Lawryn Monterroso

Bad breath is a common problem. It can occur anytime and for many different reasons. From the medications you take to that garlic and anchovy pizza you had for lunch, there are all sorts of sources contributing to your bad breath. It’s not always easy to control the source (who wants to pass up Mom’s meatballs?) but there are ways to prevent and manage your bad breath.

Halitosis, the medical term for bad breath, can be difficult to prevent. Beyond the breath mints designed to mask the sausage hoagie you just ate, chronic halitosis needs a stronger fix. And when there’s no obvious reason for your bad breath, you need to start looking at possible internal causes, because true chronic halitosis may actually signal something more serious.

Discover the reason for your bad breath

Sometimes the source of chronic bad breath is untreated dental issues. Bacteria from cavities or gum disease can’t be removed through regular oral hygiene, such as brushing, flossing, and rinsing. When you come in for a visit, Dr. Richard Hardt can help you discover the source of your chronic bad breath. Dr. Hardt, along with Dr. Lawryn Monterroso and the caring and compassionate support staff at Richard Hardt, DDS, offer dental services to the community in and around Porterville, California.

Do all you can to prevent bad breath

There are several steps you can take to prevent or eliminate your bad breath. Whether your halitosis is a chronic condition, or you experience it frequently due to your diet, it can be dealt with.


Here are some proven and effective ways to prevent bad breath from spoiling your day:










Seek treatment for your dental issues

If your bad breath won’t go away no matter what you’ve tried, or if you suspect you may have a dental issue that’s contributing to your halitosis, a professional dental exam is the answer. We’re open Monday through Friday for regular appointments, as well as same-day dental care and emergency services. Contact our office to schedule your appointment so we can get to the bottom of your bad breath.

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